Thursday, January 31, 2008

Commercial Support for Volatility!

While at DoD Cyber Crime last week, numerous members of the Volatility community made me aware of a company attempting to spread misinformation about Volatility. It was broadly suggested that there was no support being offered for Volatility. The goal behind the open development of Volatility was to bring together systems researchers who believed in bettering the state of the digital forensics community. One way that we have been able to continue this open development is by offering customizations and support.

Volatile Systems, LLC has been providing commercial support and maintenance for Volatility (and our other products) for the past 8 months. In fact, one of the main reasons Volatile Systems, LLC formed was to support the forensics needs of our users who required commercial support contracts. The added benefit of our commercial support contracts is that you are not only getting guaranteed support and access to our team of unparalleled memory analysts, but you are also actively contributing back to the volatile memory analysis community by allowing us to continue the open development of Volatility.

At this point, we also decided to extend a new offer to those who may be considering spending the thousands of dollars to purchase one of those other commercial products, as they become available. If you are considering investing in one of those products because you think it provides extraction functionality not currently supported in Volatility, contact us and let us know! In most cases, we would be more than willing to use those funds to build you custom modules providing the same capabilities you desire but tailored to your exact needs. In addition, we would provide you access to the source code, training on how to use the modules, and share information on how they were developed. As we have learned from our experience performing volatile memory analysis, the most valuable thing is often not the tool but the experience and training of the analyst. Knowledge is power!

On a tangential note, it was encouraging to get all the positive feedback about Volatility at the conference. We are committed to this growing open community of volatile memory analysts and we are highly appreciative of their support. I also wanted to extend a special thanks to the Volatility community for keeping me updated on this evolving issue. Little do they know, the Order of Volatility is everywhere!

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