Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day: The Emancipation of Volatile

Today is truly a day to celebrate independence! As of today, Volatile Systems LLC is now free of any contractual agreements which had the ability to limit our business opportunities and technology advancement. Our year long sabbatical has officially ended. As a result, this will allow us to fully integrate the research we have done over the past five years in the areas of memory forensics and rootkit detection (i.e. FATKit: Memory Forensics, Malware Analysis: DLL Injection Detection, Semantic Integrity, Enterprise Rootkit Detection. This includes all technology which we may have previously licensed to third parties. While others were creating and selling the rootkits responsible for millions of dollars in damages to government and commercial organizations, our team was focused on performing the research necessary to address these threats using memory analysis. Get ready for the real next generation of memory forensics and always remember that "Integrity Matters"!


Drew said...


'integrity matters' gets more pun points than 'do no evil' :)

AW said...


Thanks! Yeah, that's why I think it is so funny ;) It's also up there with the "Order of Volatility". You headed to Vegas?


Sippy said...

AW, happy emancipation day :) The only quote suitable enough for this epic occasion, that I can think of at the moment, is from Zeppelin in Achilles' Last Stand: "the shackles of commitment fell... in pieces on the ground." Looking forward to the secret sauce.

Drew, I sit next to your partner in crime at work :) Aside from mapping bike routes, Scott is constantly pontificating new web dev ideas .. I like shooting them down ;)


Matthew said...

Can't wait to see the rewards of your emancipation.

Best of luck AAron and team.

JL said...

Congratulations! Thanks for keeping us informed of your new ventures. Like others I look forward to hearing about these new items. Good luck and may good fortune keep coming your way!

All the best,